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Teezbeautylashes is a trendsetting Eyelash Extension Online Store based in London, United kingdom.

 Our CEO has been in the industry for years and because of her love for false eyelashes and after years of testing and researching, then decided to make her addiction come live by launching this exclusive lash line.

 Teezbeautylashes creates Quality and Affordable strip lashes and accessories fit for all eye shapes. We strive to be the leaders in false eyelashes around the globe by providing innovative, on trend, never before seen products that has similar qualities to some of your favourite high-end brands but at an UNBEATABLE PRICE!!!

Teezbeautylashes  also takes longevity into consideration and our lashes are reusable up to 20 times if looked after properly.

***Please always be aware that since our lashes are carefully handcrafted this means there may be very slight differences in each pair from time to time, don't worry though as this simply shows that each and every lash is treated as an individual!


teezbeautylashes Specialises in 3D Handmade 100% Premium Mink Lashes and Faux Mink Lashes.

Our Faux Mink Collection consists of remarkably luxe tapered synthetic fibres with our most Comfortable and Discrete Cotton lash band till date. These lashes are Soft, Comfortable to wear and it is designed for those who desire delightfully lightweight false eyelashes and want to add a lavish touch to any makeup look. Suitable for Parties, Special occasions, Night out and Home.

Our Premium Mink Collection are crafted by hand with each eyelash having been pre-shed from mink, making our eyelashes CRUELTY-FREE, No animals are ever harmed in the process.

Our Mink lashes are sterilised but not chemically treated or dyed so the rich, velvet feel and softness is maintained in all of our mink eyelashes. Each false eyelash is soft to the touch and were developed to blend perfectly with your natural lashes.

Multilayered, dimensional and long lasting, you will instantly fall in love with this collection.

We've got great deals available on a selection of our newest arrivals of 5in1 Pack (Faux Mink Tray Set) which gives you more for a lesser price.

We want to ensure that everytime you wear teezbeautylashes you feel confident and proud of your purchase.

Our lashes are an affordable luxury! 

teezbeautylashes can prove to you that extravagance dosen't have to be expensive.

Browse our Collections and start shopping today!

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